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Website Design: Pricing

All services provided by TheWebSeed are billed at an hourly rate. Since each new customer requires different levels of assistance, there are no flat-rate prices for startup web design projects.

The average time for a new web site design project is typically about forty hours.

Basic Web Startup Services

Domain Registration 25.00/2-Year
Hosting Fees 9.99/Month
Web Design Services 25.00/Hr

Domain Registration

The first step to establishing your business online is to select a Domain Name. Your domain is your business's address on the internet.

Domain selections must be unique. We recommend selecting a domain name that is high in marketing value, whenever possible. We will assist in determining the most effective options for your business's needs.

Registering your domain guarantees you the exclusive rights to the name on the internet.

Web Hosting

Services included in your monthly hosting plan are: storage of the files that make up your website, 99% Guaranteed Availability, a monthly SEO report card, and a FREE business email account.

Advanced Business Services (Optional)

Business Process Management 49.00/Hr
Individual Training 75.00/Hr

Business Process Management

Allow us to offer process improvement recomendations to your business, focused on effectivly leveraging technology towards the principles of ITIL.

Individual Training

Learn technology from the ground up and at your own pace. If you would like to expand your understanding of technology, we are here to walk you through an exciting new world.

Web Design Cost Savings

When making the decision to go online with us, you have the flexability of providing as much input as you like.

If you have already spent the time to write the content for your site, you will not be required to pay us for editorial services.

Because all of our services are itemized down to the task-level, you will only pay for the services you need.

Web Design Services

Learn more about our website design services and gain a solid understanding of what your paying for.

Web Design

Web Design services include the creation of your web sites layout, navigational link structure, graphic design, color, and style.

Content Editorials

Professional writing services that develop marketing-minded content for your site. From truly listening to your passion for your business, we will effectively capture your essence into words.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO are a suite of services used to evaluate your website's marketability on the internet. Based upon our market research, we will strategically market your site for optimum search engine visibility.

Social Media Editorial Services

If you don't have the time or desire to publish your own Facebook, Twitter, or blog posts, We offer full social media editorial services.
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